Salem State University Dining Hall

Winter Street was called upon by Salem State University to renovate their dining commons cafeteria. The existing furniture layout, which offered few options for seating, was underutilized and outdated. Large tables were unused, or were sparsely populated, even during peak dining hours.

By introducing smaller seating modules of two and four person tables and a variety of seating types; including high-tops, banquettes, and at-counter seating, Winter Street created a more functional and flexible space.

This variety of seating types reinforces the function of informal meetings of students and department groups that naturally occur in the cafeteria. The result is a layout that is more dynamic and interesting, and though the overall occupancy was reduced, the amount of students and faculty utilizing the space has increased substantially.

New interior finishes modernize the space while remaining true to Salem State’s unique identity. Particular attention was paid to the selection of durable and low-maintenance finishes and fabrics.