Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth Fire Station

Portsmouth Fire Station 2 began as study to either renovate in place or build new on the existing fire station site. After the study was complete a nearby site became available which better suit the city’s needs.The design combines the best of fire safety practices, training, flexibility and sustainable design. This station is the first LEED Fire Station in NH. Efficient site design on this large corner lot played an integral part in sustainability and public safety, providing ample green space that celebrates a firefighter’s monument, 100% storm-water reclamation, and systemized access/egress with traffic controls to safely manage the intersection when apparatus are called into action.

Designed with flexibility and resiliency in mind, the gender-neutral station incorporates low maintenance recycled materials with performance features like energy controls, high efficiency systems, premium day-lighting/views, and a modular, publicly-accessible training room that can quickly be converted into a cutting-edge EOC. The building’s layout optimized functionality, and comfortably to accommodate 100% staff growth with no reconfiguration. The 3 radiant-heated, drive-thru apparatus bays are visible from 2nd floor common areas and connect to a 4-story training tower. The station’s aesthetics are modern while respecting the city’s history, mixing traditional red brick with metallic siding, which pays homage to its immediate context in a commercial district and serves as a quality civic gateway to the historic downtown.