South Jordan City, Utah

Ebay Quicksilver

Winter Street Architects won another national design competition for our second project for eBay Inc.

With Phase 1 (Topaz) already completed and active, the e-commerce giant saw the need for further expansion into Phase 2 (Quicksilver).
Our team coordinated several comprehensive design iterations before settling on a scenario using Bloom Energy fuel cells on an unprecedented scale. The traditional data center model was turned on its head as the utility power is used as backup only.

“The Bloom fuel cells are expected to not only increase our efficiency and lessen our environmental impact (approximately 49 percent fewer CO2 emissions than our first-phase data center) but also boost the performance of our commerce platforms by reducing the risk of outages,” said Dean Nelson, the Vice President of Global Foundation Services for eBay. “In this way, we’re seeing proof that environmental considerations go hand-in-hand with good business strategy.”