Extended List

Framingham State College - Larned Hall Renovations and Building Study
Framingham State College -Peirce & Mann Hall Heating Syst. Replacement
Fitchburg State College - Russell Towers Elevator Replacement
Salem State College - Sullivan Building
Salem State College - Administrative Building
Salem State College - Theater HVAC Upgrade
Bay State College - Interior Fitout
Wellesley College - College Club Renovations
Phillips Academy - Morse Hall Renovations
Salem Academy Charter School - Interior Fitout
Armenise Amphitheater at Harvard Medical School
Tufts University - Vivarium



Salem State University - Music Rehearsal Space

Salem State University - Public Safety Building
Salem State University - O’Keefe Center Locker Room
Salem State University - Sullivan Theater Classroom
Salem State University - O’Keefe Center Addition

UMass Lowell - O'Leary Library
UMass Lowell - Cumnock Auditorium

Harvard Medical School - Countway Library
Harvard Medical School - TMEC Clinical Skills
Harvard Medical School - Huntington Bldg. Renov.
Harvard School of Dental Medicine
HMS - TMEC Classroom of the Future
HMS - Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Eng.
HMS - Research Labs and Offices

National Yiddish Book Center