Cambridge, Massachusetts

The AXIS store stands as a minimalist sculpture of raw steel, limestone, and concrete among the posh, high-end designer stores in the Porter Exchange Shopping Center. It’s elegantly floating limestone shelves, delicately balanced raw steel display tables and clothing racks starkly contrast the finely woven, soft silken fabrics of the store’s trademark clothing.

The intricately constructed glass and steel storefront offers shoppers a transparent frame that is as interesting as it is inviting. Inside, the fine materials are highlighted by an alluring array of lights that protrude from the ceiling, spot lighting product displays while other, hidden recessed lights create an enchanting glow.

This “stage setting” exemplifies the drama that Winter Street Architects brings to retail design. It animates the display and conveys an excitement to the buyer.

Brogna Building
A&J King Artisan Bakery