Salem, Massachusetts

The college’s plans called for a new building to house the school's police, parking and traffic functions at a new location on the new central campus.

Ground-face block was selected for durability and aesthetics, along with a contemporary aluminum framed window system.

The programmed functions were accommodated in a very efficient plan, yet the requirements for a high quality design were not ignored.

Salem State University - Music Rehearsal Space

Salem State University - Public Safety Building
Salem State University - O’Keefe Center Locker Room
Salem State University - Sullivan Theater Classroom
Salem State University - O’Keefe Center Addition

UMass Lowell - O'Leary Library
UMass Lowell - Cumnock Auditorium

Harvard Medical School - Countway Library
Harvard Medical School - TMEC Clinical Skills
Harvard Medical School - Huntington Bldg. Renov.
Harvard School of Dental Medicine
HMS - TMEC Classroom of the Future
HMS - Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Eng.
HMS - Research Labs and Offices

National Yiddish Book Center